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Are you tired of uneven bread slices ruining the presentation of your bakery products? Look no further than Heating Tools & Systems - your go-to bread slicer manufacturer in India. Our range of bread slicer machine, including the automatic bread slicing machine and bread cutting machine, is designed to ensure that you cut bread perfectly every time.

As a leading bread slicer manufacturer in India, we understand the importance of precision and consistency in the bakery industry. That's why our bread slicers machine for bakery use is built with the latest technology and the highest quality materials.

Heating Tools & Systems' bread slicer machine is ideal for bakeries, specialty sandwich stores, hotels, diners, and cafes, a countertop bread slicer saves time and won't take up too much room in your kitchen. Any member of your staff can use your commercial bread slicer simply by loading bread in the designated opening and waiting for the machine to slice it.

Table Top Jumbo Bread Slicer SS

Table Top Jumbo Bread Slicer SS

Table Top Bread Slicer
Size: 730x680x900mm
Power: 250 W
Thickness Of Slice: 12 Mm
No. of Slice: 31

Suitable for jumbo bread, cake and rusk
Noiseless and vibration free operations

Jumbo Bread Slicer 12

Jumbo Bread Slicer 12"

Heavy Duty Bread Slicer Machine
Suitable for jumbo bread, cake and rusk
Noiseless and vibration free operations
Slicing thickness 1/2"
Bread Length: 12"
Slicing Capacity up to 200 loaves/hr
Power : .5 hp
Price Rs.

Jumbo Bread Slicer 15

Jumbo Bread Slicer 15"

Heavy Duty Bread Slicer Machine
Suitable for jumbo bread, cake and rusk
Noiseless and vibration free operations
Slicing thickness 1/2"
Bread Length : 15"
Slicing Capacity up to 300 loaves/hr
Power : 1 hp

High Speed Bread/Rusk Slicer

High Speed Bread/Rusk Slicer

Heavy Duty High Speed Slicer Machine
Suitable for jumbo bread, cake and rusk
Noiseless and vibration free operations
Slicing thickness : As par rquirement
Bread Length : 15"
Adjustable conveyor belt speed
Adjustable passing width
Slicing Capacity up to 3000 loaves/hr
Power : 3.5 hp

Proving Chamber

Proving Chamber

Stainless Steel Construction
Insulated on all sides
Low energy consumption
Efficient collimator
Maintain humidity & temperature accurately

Potato Peeling Machine

Potato Peeling Machine

Capacity 10kg/Batch
Peeling Time 5 to 6 minutes
Electric Load 1Hp Motor
Stainless Steel Peeling tank
Noiseless heavy duty machine
Low Maintenance dew to fully covered stainless steel body structure

Bread Slicer Manufacturer & Supplier in India

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient manufacturer of bread slicers for your bakery, look no further than Heating Tools & Systems. We are the leading bread slicer machine manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in Jaipur, India, offering a range of models that cater to every need and budget.

Bread slicers are essential for any bakery, ensuring that each loaf is cut perfectly every time. At Heating Tools & Systems, one of the top bread slicer manufacturers and suppliers in India, we understand the importance of consistency when it comes to bread slicing. This is why we provide a selection of slicers that have been specifically engineered to deliver accurate and efficient slicing, streamlining your ability to satisfy your patrons' needs.

Whether you are a small bakery or a large commercial kitchen, our small bread slicer machines are designed to meet the needs of every type of business.

How Bread Slicers Machine Work: Mechanism and Functionality

Our bread slicers have been engineered to function seamlessly with various sizes and types of bread, rendering them flexible and efficient for use in any bakery. Our mini slicer works on a simple mechanism: the loaf is placed into the automatic bread slicer, and the blades move up and down to cut the bread into evenly sliced pieces.

Our slicer also has safety features that ensure that the operator's hands are protected during use.

Types of Bread Slicers: Manual vs. Electric

At Heating Tools & Systems, we offer both manual and electric bread slicers to suit the needs of our customers. Manual slicers are perfect for smaller bakeries or home use, where a lower volume of bread needs to be sliced. A manual slicer for home is also an excellent option for those who prefer a more traditional method of bread slicing.

On the other hand, electric bread slicers are ideal for larger commercial bakeries, where a higher volume of bread needs to be sliced efficiently and quickly. Electric bread slicers commercial is also perfect for those who want to save time and effort, as they require minimal physical exertion to operate.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Bread Slicers: Tips and Best Practices

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your bread slicer for bakery ensures that it operates efficiently and reduces the risk of contamination and other hygiene-related issues. Our Industrial bread slicer machines are designed to be easy to clean, with removable parts that can be washed and sanitized.

Browse Our Bread Slicer Machines

At Heating Tools & Systems, we are committed to providing our customers with the best bread slicer in India. Our range of bread slicers is designed to provide efficient and precise bread slicing, ensuring that every slice is even and consistent.

Our slicers are crafted using premium materials and engineered for durability, making them a sound and economical investment for both household and commercial bakeries. Our selection of bread slicers machines includes various sizes and capacities, ensuring an appropriate slicer is available to cater to diverse needs and budgets.

High-Quality Bread Slicer At an Affordable Price

We offer a wide variety of bread slicers in many cutting widths and configurations to meet your bakery's needs. Because of the simplistic design of these slicers, you can be confident any member of your staff can operate it and retrieve freshly sliced bread.

Choose from models of varying sizes and widths to ensure you'll have the perfect bread slicer price for your needs! If you already know how many loaves you’ll be slicing per hour, then choose a bread slicer based on your total hourly output. With so many options to choose from, we make it easy to find a commercial bread slicer that will increase your kitchen's speed, so you can keep up with high-volume crowds

Transform Your Bakery with Our Bread Slicer Range: Check it Out Now!

Our bread slicer range is easy to use, efficient, and easy to maintain. Plus, with our expert customer support, you can rest assured that any questions or issues you may have will be resolved promptly. Browse our collection today and experience the difference a high-quality bread slicer or other restaurant equipment can make.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Using a bread slicer ensures that your bread slices are of uniform thickness, making sandwiches and toasting easier. It also reduces the risk of uneven or ragged slices, saving you time and frustration in the kitchen.

Most bread slicers are designed to accommodate standard-sized loaves of bread. While they work well with various bread types, it's essential to check the dimensions to ensure a good fit for your specific bread.

Many bread slicers have adjustable settings, allowing you to control the thickness of your slices. Check the product specifications to see if the slicer you're interested in offers this feature.

When used as directed, bread slicers are safe. However, always exercise caution when handling sharp blades. Keep the slicer out of reach of children, and be mindful while using it to avoid accidents.

Yes, some electric bread slicers are available for those who prefer automated slicing. These machines offer convenience but are generally bulkier and more expensive than manual bread slicers.